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十二月 15th, 2009


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Jul 9 14:08:31 file named[32501]: the working directory is not writable


It is what’s called “programmer inflected useless warnings”.
The directory option is used for 2 things:
- The working directory for named
- The base directory for relative path references
For some reason named finds it worth mentioning that it can’t write anything in this directory since a few releases. Conventional setups have not written in the named base dir for decades, but all of a sudden it’s important to spit into logfiles.
If you really want this message to go away, you will need to change the directory option, like:

options {
    // Paths
    directory           “/etc/namedb/letskeepthisdirwriteable”;

As a result all your relative path references need to be rewritten, like:

zone “.” {
    type slave;
    file “../slave/root.slave”;
    masters {;    // F.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.
    notify no;

I found it better to just ignore this warning.

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